Video Poker Variations

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There are different versions of video 12 joker casino poker, each of which has extremely favorable odds for the player (even with positive expectations according to some estimates). Find out which varieties have the best toto 4d advantage with our analysis of video poker varieties (along with their paytables). All payouts are calculated based on five credit-bets and are considered “optimal” plays.

The standard video poker game is Jacks or Better. All hands that are ranked higher than a pair of jacks, based on the usual poker hand ratings, are paid according to a set paytable.

Standard video poker is a fun and exciting game, and a perfect choice for those who like playing card action but don’t want to compete against other players or a dealer. With online video poker games, players will find different variations, although they all follow the same rules. The main differences in games lie in their paytables, as some games will award prizes for different hand combinations. Therefore, when choosing a variation, players should review this table to understand which hands they need to generate a payout. Most of the games available online are based on Jacks or Better, and the rules are quite simple. Through these games, all 4d in Malaysia payouts will start with a pair of Jacks and will increase as better hands are completed.

Jacks or Better

Also known as Jacks or Best 9/6. This is the most common form of video poker, and payouts start with a pair of jacks.

Jacks or better is played with a standard deck of 52 cards.

Deuces Wild

In this game, all 2 (“deuces”) are wild, change their range and adapt to form better hands. This variety offers greater benefits for “natural” hands that do not contain wild cards.

All American

This variety offers players higher payouts in colors and ladders, and lower winnings in full or pairs.

Tens or Better

As you might expect, payments start with pairs of 10.

Joker Joker

This variety includes a Joker as a wild card. The least qualified hand is a pair of Kings, and just like in Deuces Wild, natural hands offer better wins.

Also known as Joker Poker, it is played with a deck of 53 cards, the 53rd card being a wild card that can replace any other card. This increased the number of possible combinations that could be made. First, a combination of five of a kind that had four cards of the same value was introduced, with the fifth card being a prankster. Second, the differences between the natural royal flush and a wild royal flush, the latter being a royal flush using a wild card.

Aces and Faces

This variety offers different payouts for four equal cards, depending on rank, and aces give better wins.

The player’s goal is to get the winning poker hand. Also, the game offers attractive payouts on four Aces or Eights as well as four 7s, which are exclusive to this game.

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